Visit Our Showroom

We offer a basic party planning consultation that
includes  a 1 hour ( by appointment only ) meeting at
our showroom at no charge. Most of our customers
have planned parties or have been involved with
planning a party. With a reasonably small amount of
assistance most families can plan a great tented
party without a paid party planner.

We take great pride in working with a client to help
them cost effectively put together the party they
envisioned. When you talk to us about "your party"
we try to get a feel for what your trying to do.
Outdoor receptions can be very casual to very
formal. Over the years I found that each customer
has their own unique personality. Our success is
measured on how well we can help a client put the
right ingredients together to have the day they
dreamed of on a budget they can work with.

We offer on site checks in southern New England.
Most site checks are free if scheduled when we have
a representative in your area.

Basic delivery area in shaded area below.